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The founding of Out Front Farm is the story of an American family business built from the ground up through the hard work and dedication of the Rega family. Founded in the 1980's in the Rega family barn, Out Front Farm has grown to be a staple business in the Monroe, Connecticut community.


Chuck Rega began the business by selling hay, farm feeds and bedding out of his barn. After a successful start he decided that bigger things were in store for Out Front Farm and in 1995 Out Front Farm moved to its current location on Main Street in Monroe, CT.


It was just two years later when Sage Rega graduated from school and decided to join her father in the business. She brought with her the experience to manage and grow the pet business. What began as a store that focused on farm feeds and hay, quickly expanded to a store geared towards feeding animals no matter if they were on the farm or in the home.



EST. 1985

We started in 1985 out of our barn.  We decided to have a full retail store and moved to Main St.,  Rt. 25 in Monroe in 1995.  We started out with horse feeds, dog and cat food.  We now have a food for everything.  If your animal walks, swims, crawls, hops or flies... We have a feed for it.  We specialize in holistic pet food,  wild bird and take great pride in our knowledge of nutrition. 

Sage Rega

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